The Sounds of Silence?  

I have heard of things that go bump in the night and recently during a stay at a resort, we also heard things go rattle and hum. We spent a week in a very nice resort up in the foothills of the western North Carolina mountains. We had a one bedroom apartment with a beautiful view of the snow covered golf course. Overall it was a great place and well-maintained Ö until it got really quiet.

The heater for the unit worked well and we were comfortable inside even though it never got above 40 degrees†outside. The problem was in the noise. Apparently there was something (or maybe multiple some things) loose in the air handler. Whatever it was it rattled inside the wall and radiated out through the vents. The vibration in the walls caused all the pictures and the mirror in the bedroom to vibrate. After the first night, we found that putting pieces of folded up paper towels behind the wall hangings stopped much of the racket and we had much better nightís sleep after that.

There are so many little things inside hotel and resort rooms that it must be hard for the maintenance staff to keep up. I think of all the little things that go wrong in my home that oftentimes get overlooked because you get used to it or it just isnít annoying enough to bother with. I guess maybe the only way for a hotel to know that something is wrong is to wait for a guest to report a problem. Then the staff has the opportunity to move quickly to resolve the issue. Since we were able to quiet our nighttime noises, and didnít want to have workers inside during our vacation, we opted to wait until we checked out to report the problem. Based on our experience at this particular resort, I trust that the next guests to stay in that apartment will sleep rattle free.