A Q&A with TechSmith, the Makers of Snagit

Q. What makes Snagit a useful tool for the hospitality industry?

A. To succeed in the service industry, hospitality pros need offer fantastic customer service and create a strong sense of loyalty by making customers and partners feel important. And they need to do this without spending additional budget to do so.  Some often assume that do accomplish these goals, you have to look at hiring specialist agencies to provide the tools you need to communicate effectively. But that may not be the case.

TechSmith’s Snagit is a powerful yet easy-to-use screen capture and video tool that enables users to communicate faster, more clearly explain concepts, and archive digital information that is otherwise challenging to capture and pass along. Snagit is the perfect tool for stepping up communication with patrons (and potential customers), staff and even investors – with all the polish and personalized information that will ensure they feel they are being well looked after and made to feel important. And that’s what hospitality is all about.

Q. How can Snagit improve communication with potential patrons?

A. Social media is one of the industry’s greatest resources; it gives you instant access to countless potential customers with the click of a button, but setting yourself apart from other businesses can be a challenge.  So why not enhance your social media campaign with visuals? Snagit allows users to auto share images and videos through social media channels like Twitter and Facebook. Engage with your customers by positing exciting activities happening local to their location that guests may enjoy, a sneak peek at the night’s special, or your staff’s picks for best sights to see locally – the possibilities are endless.

Want to take advantage of Pinterest’s popularity? Upload photos of your space, menu items, cocktails, hotel rooms, etc. to your computer and use Snagit to capture and edit them before you Pin.  It’s a great way to share your experience with a huge audience.

Have a directionally-challenged patron? Bring up a Google map and use Snagit to illustrate exactly how to get to you – complete with arrows, callouts and other key information, like your phone number in case they get lost along the way. Clear, personal communication like this will be something that will stick in their minds for a long time as an example of excellent hospitality.

Q. How can Snagit help me present information so guests will actually want to read it?

A. By creating interesting and personalized messages and material that matches exactly what your guests are craving. We all know guests aren’t always willing to read a lot of information, but most enjoy visuals. Snagit can be used to bring your out-of-the-box ideas to life - think infographics.  Just Snag images and put the infographic together right in Snagit editor – where you can add text, stamps and other graphics.

You can also use Snagit to quickly and easily add your logo or brand name as a watermark to your menu and other marketing material to help you bring your branding into everything you produce. Just use the Watermark Effect to add a graphic file to any image – then export in PDF format for easy printing.

Q. What about communicating with staff?

A. Wedding season is upon us and we all know how detail-oriented brides can be. To execute a successful event, it’s imperative to effectively communicate the host’s vision for the big day to every member of the staff, which is where Snagit steps in to help. Use Snagit to imbed every detail (with instructions) into your communications so your coworkers know exactly where everything needs to go.  Bonus: You can also use the Snagit-generated images in client consultations to show prospective event hosts your unique vision of how their event will look by creating idea boards to share with them

Snagit can also step up communication in the back of the house.  We all know patrons take notice if their dish doesn’t look the same as it did the last time they ordered it. A great tip for establishing plate consistency is to create a guide for your expediter, just capture images of your menu items and use Snagit Editor to add visual directions.

Q. What about new hires?

A. Hotel management and restaurant reservation software can often be difficult to navigate, and in most cases training involves one-on-one lessons from current staff members, taking their time away from mission number one: pleasing customers. Thanks to Snagit’s new video feature, your company can  create a step-by-step training screencast or video  that new employees can watch at work (or at home!) to help them get up to speed quickly without monopolizing the time of current employees.  Better yet, this video can be used over and over again, so you’ll never have to waste another hour on training another employee.

Q. Can Snagit help with finances?

A. When you are running a dining room, it can be pretty hard to keep track of every invoice and expense. Snagit is a general manager’s best friend – it can be used to save, categorize and store all your business receipts. Capture online receipts directly from your screen, tag them by category, then save them on your computer. With Snagit, your staff will always have and be able to find your receipts on a moment’s notice. With Snagit, it’s easy to make the move to a paperless system for your electronic receipts – a side benefit: this can be a smart way to boost company sustainability initiatives, especially for businesses that differentiate offerings based on “green” services.

Q. What about communicating with investors?

A. Visuals are key in articulating ideas quickly, clearly and professionally – to help get investors aligned with your vision and path to success. If you’re planning a remodel – or even a revamp – it’s important to communicate your goals and assure key stakeholders are on board. Use Snagit to create a virtual walk-through of a design concept, illustrate every detail’s function and how your ideas will improve the guest experience. Imagine the impact your vision can have when you tailor it specifically for your audience and capture all your thoughts in a takeaway that lasts far beyond the presentation.