Witt Expands Popular GeoCube Product Family

Witt Industries expands their popular GeoCube family of indoor recycling containers with a new, larger 36-gallon capacity model, the addition of a recycle blue color as an option on all sizes, an improved bag holder retainer band, and a new “combination” top for cans and paper.  Additionally, the decals used to clearly identify the recycling stream for each particular “cube” have been changed to a new, cleaner, more readable typeface design.  With these additions, the popular GeoCube family is even more functional – making the separation of waste from recycling easy in a small footprint.  GeoCubes can be mixed and matched for unique combinations, making them an attractive and functional choice for airports, shopping malls, auditoriums, hotels, schools and universities, and other public and private areas.

Compact, and constructed of fire safe steel, GeoCubes offer a variety of tops including round for cans and bottles, slotted for paper, square for waste or recycling, and a new combination for cans/bottles and paper.  Each unit features an improved retainer band that keeps the plastic bag line secure during waste and recycling collection.

“The GeoCube has always been very popular, and these additions will make the family even more robust and more functional,” said Witt President Tom Dorger.  “Now it is easier than ever for customers to collect separate waste and recycling streams in a small footprint.”

Witt Industries is a woman owned manufacturer of a full range of metal waste and recycling receptacles for indoor or outdoor environments.  Combining functionality with aesthetics, these high quality receptacles serve as site furnishings because they enhance the surrounding décor.  Witt Industries products are used in many commercial and institutional settings including hotels and motels, commercial office lobbies and atria, hospitals, casinos, schools, restaurants, stadiums, arenas and more.   For additional information please visit www.witt.com/pr, or contact them via e-mail to sales2@witt.com, or call (800) 543-7417.