Enseo Announces Full-Service Integration Services

Enseo Re-Seller of Dish Content; Provides Installation, Services and Support

Enseo, the in-room entertainment platform of choice for the world’s largest hotel groups, announced at HITEC 2013 that the company is now a full-service integrator, providing Dish Network content, installation, services, and support. The announcement establishes Enseo as the single source for all in-room entertainment needs.

Enseo is partnering with Dish to provide a free-to-guest (FTG) solution to hotels. As a Dish systems integrator, Enseo will resell Dish content in fully-customizable channel packages. The Enseo Entertainment Experience (E3) guest interface, including a hotel-branded Welcome Page, Interactive Program Guide, and Channel Banner, is available in addition to FTG content. Enseo also offers unique benefits such as cloud-based management for hotels.

“We are changing the hospitality landscape with a complete-solution offering that brings innovation to the in-room entertainment experience,” said Vanessa Ogle, Enseo Chairman and CEO. “Enseo’s trusted and reliable platform now includes features that provide convenience, operational efficiency, and control. We are enabling hotels to reclaim their guest rooms.”

Different from standard integration services, Enseo raises the bar by providing solutions unique to each hotel through a custom-branded Welcome Page, Interactive Program Guide, and Channel Banner. Enseo enables hotels to stay ahead of the curve by offering features such as over-the-top (OTT) applications that allow guests to watch their own content, and in-room control, weather, and guest services directly through the TV, simplifying the guest experience. Additional benefits to Enseo integration services include cloud-based management of both the installation process, and health and status monitoring.

For the past thirteen years, Enseo’s set-back boxes and hospitality applications have been powering hotels from select-service all the way to five-star. The Enseo platform has earned a reputation for reliability and technology advancement with features such as Interactive Program Guides over coax, which save hotels significant infrastructure costs while allowing them to offer the latest in in-room entertainment.

For more information on Enseo’s integration services, visit www.enseo.com.