An Affordable Solution for Stained or Chipped Grout in Tiled Surfaces

By, Chuck Pistor, President of Miracle Method USA

Tile_Grout_BeforeTile_Grout_AfterOne of the first things guests notice about their hotel room is the cleanliness level. You spend a lot of time and money keeping guest bathrooms clean, but if the tile grout – the mortar-like material that holds the tiles in place in showers, floors, and tile surrounds - has become stained or discolored, no amount of scrubbing will help. And that often leads guests to conclude that the surfaces are not clean and even unsanitary.  Customer complaints often lead to discounted room stays, negative online reviews and damage to your brand.

In addition to being becoming stained and discolored over time, grout can pose a real health hazard. That’s because grout is porous, making it a perfect habitat for germs, bacteria and viruses. If you’ve got stained, moldy or discolored grout, it needs to be addressed. So what can you do? Here are three methods to get rid of problem grout:

Replace tiled surfaces. It will cost a fortune and require several weeks of dust, noise and lost revenue, but replacing the tile can temporarily remedy the grout issue, but replacement with tile and more grout just starts the cycle over again.

Cut out and replace just the grout. It’s also possible to remove stained grout and replace it with fresh grout, but that is also expensive and disruptive, and the grout will be stained, moldy or discolored again in just a couple of years.

Refinish and seal the grout with the Miracle Method process. With Miracle Method, the grout is cleaned, cracked or damaged areas are repaired and a new finish in a color of your choosing is applied at a fraction of the cost of replacement – usually in two or three days.

Tiled surfaces in hotel rooms take a lot of abuse due to constant guest turnover and repeated cleanings, but few hotels can afford the luxury of shutting down guest areas and paying the high cost of tile or grout replacement. That’s why the Miracle Method process is a great alternative: It’s affordable, plus Miracle Method professionals can often arrange to complete the refinishing and return the area to service in just 24 hours.

If you’re ready to upgrade your brand by improving the appearance of your tile showers, walls, and floors, consider the Miracle Method process, which works on virtually any tile bath and kitchen surfaces. Find out more at