Roomlinx SmartEvent Provides Hosts a Better Way to Communicate with Attendees During Events

Roomlinx, Inc. (OTC: RMLX), the innovative developer of interactive TV (iTV) applications for the hospitality industry, introduces SmartEvent, a propriety technology that allows event hosts to deliver interactive content to attendees through the guest room TV.

Ideal for both business events and social occasions such as weddings or class reunions, SmartEvent delivers customized event information through interactive text, graphics, videos and web links to attendees’ hotel rooms. Event hosts use the system to create welcome messages, display schedules, promote featured speakers or exhibitors, advertise products and services, share videos and drive traffic to websites, social media pages and other strategic locations.

“Roomlinx developed SmartEvent because event planners told us it can be challenging to communicate with attendees during an event,” said Roomlinx Chief Information Officer Frank Watervoort. “Attendees’ have busy schedules and many people vying for their attention. The calm of the guest room is a perfect place to deliver information, but often the host’s only option is to play a pre-recorded DVD over a publically aired dark TV channel purchased from the hotel. SmartEvent, a feature of Roomlinx iTV, lets hosts create much more dynamic messaging to stay connected to attendees when they are most excited, focused and impressionable.”

A cutting edge tool that is flexible, interactive and environmentally friendly, SmartEvent assures private communication in that only the attendees of an event will have access to their event’s information. In addition, SmartEvent drives revenue growth for property owners and event hosts.

Property owners capture incremental revenue from selling the various levels of SmartEvent features within the Roomlinx iTV system. Event hosts can not only achieve ROI when purchasing SmartEvent, but can also generate additional income by re-selling space to sponsors, exhibitors and vendors. In return, sponsors, exhibitors and vendors will experience higher conversion rates with SmartEvent because the system’s interactive features encourage users to act promptly.

Hyatt properties, including Hyatt Regency New Orleans and Hyatt Regency Denver Tech Center, are currently benefitting from the SmartEvent feature of the Roomlinx iTV system. Other Hyatt properties will begin offering the service as Roomlinx technologies are installed in up to 60,000 rooms in the U.S., Canada and Caribbean over the next two years.

“At Hyatt, we have been extremely impressed with Roomlinx’s ability to develop applications like SmartEvent that generate strong revenues beyond Video on Demand while improving the guest experience,” said Pete Sears, Senior Vice President, Operations, North America, Hyatt Hotels and Resorts. “We believe planners will be pleased with this new technology, as it will make their events more productive.