Oxygenics Delivers Luxury While Saving Money, Water and Energy

At the end of a deep recession that has many homeowners re-thinking large-scale, costly bathroom remodels, Oxygenics is offering a simple, affordable alternative — state-of-the-art, self-pressurizing showerheads that can transform the daily shower into a luxurious experience and save homeowners significant money on energy and water costs.

Oxygenics has been a pioneer in showerhead technology for the last 30 years, patenting a unique self-pressurizing and oxygenating system that delivers a luxurious shower experience without wasting water. Over three decades, the company has refined the process of delivering a full, rich and soothing shower stream that delivers superior cleansing, skin care and relaxation no matter the water pressure.

A Shower for Every Style

Some bathers like a hand-held showerhead. Some like the strongest water pressure available. Others want a soft, mist-filled spa-like experience. And some want the power to choose among all these options with a simple push of a button. Oxygenics has expanded its line of showerheads to appeal to every shower customer, from hoteliers to homeowners. Here is a look at the Oxygenics lineup:

  • The Spa Series- featuring the “Evolution”: hand-held, rotating head, push-button, multi-feature spray

  • The Power Series- featuring the “Power Massage Combo”:  35 different sprays, dual shower head, switch can operate each showerhead individually or open both up at once

  • The Rain Series- featuring the “Storm” and the “Vortex”:  wide showerhead faces (up to 10 inches) gives full, natural spray pattern, Up to 54 power nozzles on each showerhead

  • The Classic Series- featuring the “Skin Care” and the “Body Spa Skin Care”: simple and affordable, includes all patented self-pressurizing, oxygenating and water-saving technology

Saving Water, Saving Money

Each Oxygenics showerhead uses less water and delivers more pressure than your standard showerhead. Balancing water conservation with the best shower experience possible is nothing new for Oxygenics. For over 30 years Oxygenics technology has saved millions of gallons of water and hundreds of dollars off of individuals’ utility bills, all while improving people’s shower experience. Here is a look at the water and energy savings integrated into each Oxygenics showerhead:

  • Oxygenics showerheads pay for themselves in water and energy savings in less than one year

  • On average, a Oxygenics showerhead will save a household up to $70 per year

  • Each year, the amount of water that an Oxygenics showerhead saves (when compared to a maximum flow showerhead) is enough to provide drinking water to 30 people for an entire year.

How Oxygenics Patented Shower Technology Works

In the late 1970s, Oxygenics Founder Ray Engel developed the shower technology that would become the foundation of Oxygenics’ success. Here is a brief look at the internal workings of an Oxygenics showerhead:

  • A tri-fin accelerator speeds the flow of water and spins it in a circular motion

  • The water is pushed through a constriction that speeds the water one more time

  • Multiple air ports on the outside of the showerhead pull air into the water stream, infusing the water with softening, cleansing oxygen

  • The resulting spray in specific Oxygenics showerheads has been calculated to be 30 percent stronger than the average showers, using EPA water pressure calculation guidelines.

  • Each showerhead is designed to not accumulate hard water deposits, and each Oxygenics purchase comes with a lifetime “Never Clogs” guarantee.

Oxygenics shower heads are available at Bed, Bath and Beyond, Amazon.com and The Sharper Image and are used by some of the largest hotel operators in the world, including Hyatt, Sheraton, Marriott, Hilton and many more. For more information on Oxygenics, go to www.oxygenics.com.