Print Key Lime Cannon Ball

1/2 cup    granulated sugar

8 each     egg yolks
1 cup       sweetened condensed milk
2 cups    heavy cream
4 tablespoons    Grande Marnier
1 each    vanilla bean
8 sheets    gelatin
3/4 cup     key lime juice

1) Whip the sugar, yolks and milk together until light.
2) Soften gelatin sheets with water, strain and gently heat with the key lime juice.
3) Whip the cream, booze and seeded vanilla bean until soft.
4) Temper the yolk mixture with the melted gelatin and lime juice by adding a third of the yolk mixture to the gelatin mixture. Gently fold until combined and add all to the remaining yolk mix.
5) Gently temper again by adding a third of that to the whipped cream.
6) Combine all together by gently folding and scoop or pour into desired molds or dishes.
7) For added texture, pour the mix into a traditional graham cracker crust.
8) Freeze and serve.

Courtesy of Barefoot's Beach Bar & Grill, Hilton Sandestin Beach