Meeting Space Renovation at Atlanta Airport Marriott  

It may be a 31-year-old property, but Mark Spanka, general manager, Atlanta Airport Marriott, says it doesn’t look and feel like one. That’s because the property has just completed a renovation of their 28,300-square-feet of flexible meeting space. This comes after the renovation of their fitness room and prior to upgrading the lobby and restaurant areas.

“Our style was appropriate for the time it was built, but it was time for a change.”

And change they did. From the hardware to the carpet to replacing the soundproof airwalls to two grades above the original , Atlanta Airport Marriott has reinvented itself to sport a more sleek, modern and contemporary style.

“We are very proud. Our new look and feel is absolutely gorgeous.”

The property also invested in artwork, which he says resulted in somewhat like an art gallery. Guests can enjoy scenes from Atlanta and the surrounding areas, allowing them to get a sense of the city as well as Georgia.

According to Spanka, it wasn’t just the aesthetics that change on the property, but the reinvention lifted the level of service from the employees.

“Before we took on this project, we ask the service staff what they needed to deliver an outstanding experience to customers every day. What would it take for us to be the best in class. We got feedback on requests or complaints they heard from the customers,” he says. “Using this opportunity allowed the head of the departments to select the exact and latest equipment they needed. The staff felt they were invested in the project, and it has showed in their level and detail of their service.”

The guests have noticed as well.

“They complimented us on the updated space, and noticed how the staff takes more pride in their service.”

Spanka says even though the property goes through changes, one thing remains the same.

The faces.

“Our staff knows returning guests by their first name. We are in the service business. We believe in treating everyone like family, but taking it to a whole new level.”

photo credit: Mercedes Meeting Room, Atlanta Airport Marriott